Elevator Safety Tips For Riders & Owners

Elevator Safety Tips

Elevator Safety Tips For Riders & Owners Elevators form an integral part of modern infrastructure by transporting millions of people every day. However, like any other machine, they require proper handling and maintenance to ensure the safety of residents. The accidents caused by malfunctioning elevators can be severe and even fatal. Let’s discuss some of […]

Top 5 Things to Include On Elevator Maintenance Checklist

Elevator Maintenance Checklist

Top 5 Things to Include On Elevator Maintenance Checklist An elevator is a huge investment that adds significant value to your property. Proper maintenance of an elevator is crucial to maintaining its value and functionality.  A regular maintenance schedule is essential to ensure that the elevator is in good working condition and that any potential […]

The Importance of Elevator Modernization on Commercial Elevators

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Elevator Modernization – Why You Should Modernize Your Elevator At some point in an elevator’s lifespan, the repairs may be very costly yet very insignificant. As the repair service becomes costly, the spare parts become difficult to acquire. Most of the time, the machine may be dormant when it is expected to be functional. When […]

Hurricane Preparedness

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PREPARE YOUR ELEVATOR FOR A HURRICANE Hurricane Preparedness Tips – Elevator Safety These steps should be taken prior to, during and after a hurricane emergency has been advised for your area. Clear out gutters, drains and downspouts to prevent an accumulation of rainwater which may cascade to the floors below and find its way into […]