What to look for in your Elevator before Storm Season?

Elevator Safety

During emergencies such as a fire in a building, we are often confused about what to do next and how to go to a safer place. Ensuring that the elevator in the building functions smoothly and properly can help save lives. Let’s understand how to use an elevator during fire emergencies and why getting regular elevator maintenance is important.

Elevator Safety Features

Elevators have various safety features in place to keep occupants safe during fire emergencies. They have fire-rated elevator doors that can handle heat and flames for some duration and act as a safety barrier between the elevator shaft and the surrounding fire.

In such a situation, the ‘fire recall’ system can be activated manually or automatically. The fire recall system takes the elevator to a predetermined floor, which is usually the ground floor.

Another feature is that elevators have a backup power system that ensures that they operate smoothly even during power cuts and outages caused by fire or other situations.
Proper Usage Guidelines
It’s essential to follow usage guidelines properly, especially during fire emergencies. Here are some important guidelines to follow:

  • Stay Calm – Do not panic and try to stay calm and composed. Take deep breaths to stay clear-headed and think of your next step of action based on the established safety procedures.
  • Emergency button – Press the emergency button in the elevator so that your building security or emergency services get alerted about the emergency.
  • Use the Phone – Some elevators have a phone in them, so you can call for help by using them.
  • Signalling for Help – If the emergency button isn’t working and there is no phone in the elevator shaft then try to bang on the elevator doors while shouting for help. Doing so might alert people outside that you need help.
  • Smoke Detection – If you notice any smoke near the elevator then do not enter it as smoke can fill up the shaft quickly and may suffocate the occupants.
  • Prioritize Stair Use – It is always suggested in safety guidelines that stairs should be used in case of a fire emergency, while elevators should be avoided. So avoid elevator usage during a fire until and unless there is no other escape route or the building staff and emergency personnel has said that elevators are safe to use.

When Not to Use The Elevator

While elevators have great fire safety measures in place, there are situations when it’s better to take the stairs.

  • Fire on your floor or near the elevator shaft – Don’t use the elevator in these situations as fire and smoke can fill up the elevator shaft quickly and can create a suffocating and dangerous environment.
  • Elevator not functioning properly – If the elevator has a flickering light, isn’t working properly, and is making some strange noises then it’s better not to take risk.
  • If fire alarm sounds, but smoke can’t be seen or smelled – In this situation it’s best to use stairs as a precautionary measure.

Maintenance and Training

It is the responsibility of the building owners and property management team to follow all the safety regulations and standards. It becomes their responsibility to get regular elevator maintenance done to ensure that all the safety features of the elevator work perfectly and function smoothly in case of an emergency.

They also have the responsibility to conduct drills regularly to educate the building residents and property management staff about the safe usage of elevators, emergency evacuation procedures, emergency exits and designated safe assembly areas.

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