,commercial elevator maintenance

Commercial elevators are extremely complex machinery and their function is too important to ignore. Even a small breach of safety can lead to deadly consequences with elevators. Malfunctioning elevators are not only bothersome but also responsible for low productivity in commercial areas.

This is why preventive maintenance of commercial elevators is of utmost importance for any business. Keep reading to know more.

Why is preventive maintenance important for commercial elevators?

Preventive maintenance is extremely important for the smooth running of commercial elevators. Here are a few reasons:

1. To prevent interruptions

Sudden breakdowns of commercial elevators create a chaotic and dreadful situation most of the time. To prevent such unforeseen interruptions and incurring massive losses in productivity, it is always better to take preventive care of your commercial elevators and ensure uninterrupted operations.

2. To save on energy consumption

Faulty equipment and outdated, bulky components of commercial elevators are majorly responsible for a lot more energy consumption than normal. Regular maintenance will ensure that the machinery is using all the latest technology and components and saving up on your monthly electricity bills.

3. To eliminate safety threats

Poorly maintained elevators are always prone to safety and security threats. One loosely hanging wire here or a single unbolted screw there can be life-threatening. When regular maintenance is done, you don’t have to worry about such things! The occurrence of safety issues, breakdowns, or breaches in efficiency will be the lowest or even non-existent with regular maintenance.

4. To extend the operational life of the machinery

A well-maintained elevator system also means that there are fewer chances of any permanent or irreparable damages occurring to any of its components. This enhances the overall life of the elevators as well.

5. To save money in the long run

Although it might feel like you’re handing out a lot of money for these scheduled maintenances, in the long run, it is going to save you from even higher amounts of costs. When your elevator system is under regular scrutiny, there’s less chance of severe damage occurring, or components becoming unusable all of a sudden. In fact, the need for replacement of the whole thing is also delayed. That way, you end up saving a lot over the years.

How often should preventive maintenance be scheduled?

Twice a year is a good frequency for preventive maintenance on elevators. If that’s not possible, then at least once a year is a must.

What are the things included in preventive maintenance?

Before hiring a local business for preventive maintenance, it is better to know which areas are covered by a regular maintenance service and ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. 

Maintenance should include inspection of the inside and outside of the car, brakes, drive, motor, etc. The service checklist should include inspecting various areas of the elevator. Inside the car check for smooth gate operations, damages to walls and floors, working lights, fans and emergency phones. Outside the car ensure adequate lighting, functional smoke detection, fire alarms and clear door panels. 

On top of the car verify accessible emergency exits, brake conditions and signs of wear or rodent damage. In the machine room confirm accessibility, component functionality, oil levels and lubrication. Lastly, in the pit ensure cleanliness, accessibility, clearance and address any physical damages.

What are the benefits of having regular preventive maintenance for commercial elevators?

When you keep your commercial elevator under regular maintenance, you can surely benefit a lot from the practice in several ways, for example:

When looking for a professional service to take care of your elevators, you must make sure that you’re hiring a reputed service provider with proven track records. Along with the budget, the timeline, the customer service and whether they can provide emergency services, are some of the factors that you should consider. If you’re looking for commercial elevator maintenance in Naples and Fort Myers, FL, check out General Elevator Solutions and their services. With 12 years of exceptional service record to their credit, your elevator service needs will be taken care of by only the best and the most experienced experts in the industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go now!